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Valley Trusses, LLC continues to set itself apart with our experienced team members. Their experience and dedication will make your experience working with us a second to none. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you on your projects.



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Tanner Brockman

General Manager

Tanner joined Valley Trusses in May of 2018. Tanner started as a sawyer/builder and in 2019 started in the office. He began running truss designs for estimates and gradually started taking over the estimating and production scheduling. In February 2024 he became the general manager of Valley Trusses.


Mike Kuen

Accounting/Office Manager

Mike joined Valley Trusses in April of 2022. Mike handles our record keeping and billings. He also helps coordinate deliveries with the rest of the office staff.


Scott Sprangers

Production Designer

Scott has been with Valley Trusses since February 1996. Scott and his father Dave Sprangers built Valley Trusses on the principles of quality, loyalty, and integrity that we still follow today. Scott has 28 years of experience designing trusses and continues to hold all members of Valley Trusses to those standards.


Cassandra Garceau

Estimating Designer

Cassanrda joined Valley Trusses in June of 2021 as a truss builder.  In February of 2023 Cassandra moved into the office. She currently is designing for estimates and learning under our production designers.


Chris Ziereis

Production Designer

Chris joined Valley Trusses in June of 2021. Chris has 20 years of experience being a truss designer. Chris always has the customer in mind when designing. He strives to make their lives as easy as possible. Chris uses his creativity to find solutions to all the unique situations our customers come across.


Matt Biesik

EWP Specialist

Matt joined Valley Trusses in January of 2024. He has 20 years of structural experience and leads our team in EWP design.



Phil Claimont

Truck Driver / Crane Operator

Phil joined Valley Trusses in June of 2020. Phil has over 30 year experience driving trucks and it shows. Valley is lucky to have such a skilled truck driver as part of their team.


Dave O'Grady

Truss Builder

Dave joined Valley Trusses in July of 2004. Dave has 20 years of experience building trusses.


Jorge Herrera

Truss Builder

Jorge joined Valley Trusses in January of 2023.


Ezra Sahr

Truss Builder

Ezra joined Valley Trusses in November of 2023. He is full of energy and ready to learn every chance he can.


George Sprangers


George joined Valley Trusses in March 1992. George has 32 years of experience as a sawyer and building trusses. In December 2018, Valley Trusses purchased an ALS 4.0 linear saw. George made the transition seamless and has kept our builders supplied with materials.


Marco Tovar Huichapeno

Table Lead

Marco joined Valley Trusses in November of 2021. In 2023 Marco was promoted to a table lead.


Jason Smithers

Truss Builder

Jason joined Valley Trusses in May of 2023.


Carlos Barreto

Truss Builder

Carlos rejoined Valley Trusses in March of 2024.  He returns with over a year of prior experience.


Mark Sprangers

Shop Supervisor / Builder

Mark rejoined Valley Trusses in August of 2017. Mark has 16 years or experience building trusses and became the Shop Supervisor in 2019. Mark works to keep our production tables running smoothly and efficiently.


Clarissa Sprangers


Clarissa joined Valley Trusses in August of 2022. Clarissa and George work as a well oiled machine to keep our builders supplied with lumber.


Jarrett Sloan

Truss Builder

Jarrett joined Valley Trusses in September of 2023.


Brody Hieptas

Table Lead

Brody joined Valley Trusses in July of 2020. In 2021 Brody stepped up to the plate and became a table lead. As of January of 2023, Brody also has take on the challenge of keeping the yard organized and cutting EWP. He is always looking for ways to grow and improve our efficiency. 


Hailey Dalton

Truss Builder

Hailey joined Valley Trusses in October of 2022. She since has obtained her CDL and has been learning under Phil.


Brian Hamilton

Truss Builder

Brian joined Valley Trusses in November of 2023.  He brings experience from years of construction work including framing and setting trusses for residential homes.

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