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Roof Trusses

Valley Trusses manufactures all trusses to order, this allows for accurate dimensions and correct specifications for your truss needs. Each truss produced is backed by our state-of-the-art Alpine engineering software that ensures precise and safe products for all residential, commercial and agricultural wood truss applications.

Advantages of having Valley Trusses Manufacture your roof trusses:

Save Time & Money: Installing our roof trusses is easier and faster than our competitors because we can deliver your trusses and set them the same day, which eliminates delays for a crane service and having a crowded job site.

Custom Designs: Our design team has a combined 70 years of experience and are committed to materializing your roof plans.

Structural Superiority: Our trusses are engineered to withstand a variety of conditions and can be created to support live, dead or environmental loads that meet all building codes.

Staying On Time: By bringing your business to Valley Trusses you are eliminating the need to move materials around for truss roll offs and can crane the trusses on the delivery day if you choose to do so, which leaves you with a more predictable schedule.

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